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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Audacity Of A Blowout

We are heartened here at the Node to see how well Obama is doing in the polls. If you take Bush's approval numbers, and then consider that McCain has spent the majority of the campaign running, essentially, for Bush's third term, then it's easy to see why. The "troopergate" report is now out (you can read it here) and the comparisons to past Bush administration malfeasance are obvious. McCain and Palin and Bush are all of the same cloth, products of the discredited Rove political machine. That machine was destined to fail, and I believe it will do so mightily in this election. It is beyond comprehension to me that anyone associated with Rove got any sort of business doing politics after 2006 -- that election foreshadowed this one, and to believe that somehow the Rove team could polish its own turds (Bush's nickname for Rove is "Turd blossom") is the definition of insanity (doing the same thing twice and expecting different results). Nevertheless McCain's judgment was faulty once again and he relied on a discredited political operation to run his campaign.

And so (we hope) onward to victory. Unless McCain burns down the house that Rove built, dumps Palin, and rebuilds his campaign from the bottom up in record time I don't see a way for him to win this.

Obama, on the other hand, has run one of the best Democratic campaigns that I've ever witnessed. I was watching his wife on the Daily Show the other night and it was incredible. She's obviously a real person (I haven't actually seen Cindy McCain on anything, so perhaps she has the same sort of easy style about her) but with an incredible amount of political acumen. I think her turn as First Lady could become the lead-in to her turn as Commander in Chief (assuming she'd even want the job). They are, essentially, the Clintons squared minus the negatives. So here's to eight years of sanity. Heaven knows we could use it.

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