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Sunday, April 08, 2007

We're entering an interesting time in the formerly-known-as "War on Terrorism". I think most people now understand that the Bush administration's fixation with Terrorism isn't about beating the Terrorists. Or, if it ever was, that goal has wildly morphed into finding political fodder to prop up sagging Republican prospects in the 2008 elections. As such, I consider domestic politics to be largely related. There are questions, for instance, about opposition to Nancy Pelosi's recent trip to Syria originating in the White House. Over at Talking Points Memo they're looking into this aspect of the "scandal", which I put in quotes because obstensibly the outcry over her visit to Syria is all about how her "diplomacy" is undercutting the President. Apparently Pelosi delivered a message from Ehud Olmert to Bashir Assad, letting the Syrians know that Israel doesn't plan to attack Syria in the event that the U.S. attacks Iran. Then, after senior Israeli officials said as much before her trip in Ha'aretz, Olmert's office is now denying that they told her to say anything of the sort.

TPM rightly asks "what's going on here?" They focus mostly on whether or not the White House sparked the smear campaign against Pelosi. What I'm interested in is what this says about a possible attack on Iran. I think it's very likely, and it will probably come at such a time as to be most advantageous politically to the White House. That's hard to imagine in our current climate, but considering how crass many of the politically-motivated machinations have been, it can't be ruled out. Certainly the Israelis are concerned enough to be sending out the message that they won't try to expand an attack against Iran to a region-wide conflict. Quite frankly, considering the domestic political situation about the only thing that could forestall a Democratic landslide in 2008 is the instigation of a war much larger than the one we're currently fighting in Iraq.

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