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Monday, January 17, 2005

Andrew's probably well on his way to posting this, but Sy Hersh has been snooping around the CIA again and digging up info on America's next target: Iran. The conditions that would have to be met to make American military action against Iran seem nearly impossible until Iraq is more stable, particularly with our troops spread all across Asia after the tsunami, still, the administration's ambitions are distressing, given the fiasco of their Iraqi project.

The administration has consistently sought to tear down oversight and expand presidential power well beyond what many Americans have grown accustomed to, not since FDR has the chief executive wielded so much unilateral authority. Though Hersh is focused on Middle Eastern intelligence and his sources are seemingly disgruntled intelligence officials who are getting shut out of loops they previously were in on (particularly in the vastly weakened CIA), we shouldn't be surprised if similar efforts to skirt established laws and procedures are also taking place domestically.

As far as Iran is concerned, the nuclear issue there has long been one of our most pressing security concerns, far more pressing than Saddam Hussein and Iraq were before we started a war there, and the Iranian leadership's continuing nuclear ambitions threaten the US and our interests probably even more than the North Koreans, so this target should come as no surprise. Of course we already spent our political capital on the least of these threats, and the outcome of any military operation in Iran could lead to a global uprising against the United States' interests and citizens as easily as it could to success for the march of Democracy. Now, of all times we need a careful executive branch instead though, we have a marauding bunch of fools.

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