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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What happens next

As the terrorism and war on terrorism guy here at the Node, I'm going to focus for a minute on what to look for in the next year or so. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans didn't agree (I suspected wrong -- see the post dated 10/27 below) that John Kerry was the best candidate to deal with that issue. Some are suggesting, though, that many who were concerned about Iraq did vote for Kerry (hop over to here to read more about that), so that's a start. My focus in the near future is on several issues:

1.) The litany of litigation against the White House and the various congressional investigations that were slated to be disclosed after the election. These include the Valerie Plame investigation and the Iraq intelligence investigation's report on White House pressure on the CIA to produce a certain assessment of Iraqi intelligence before the war. We hope that even with the redrawn lines in Congress that these issues will be fully resolved and that all will know what's in the reports.

2.) The ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The biggest issues now, and we're taking bets on how long the Administration can hold off resorting to a draft to replenish overspent U.S. forces.

3.) The possible wars against Iran and North Korea. Two great countries that don't taste great at all in combination with the war in Iraq. We're taking bets on possible wars against these members of the Axis of Evil as well. Will the administration also declare war against the humble Node? One never can tell, but remember that in times of revolution the intellectuals are the first to be executed.

4.) Finally, this is something I've been thinking about for awhile and posting about in other blog's comments -- the birth of a new Religious Left. Not exactly a war on terrorism issue, but it indirectly affects it because of the focus of the effort. We need a movement for left-leaning religious folks (myself included) as a repudiation to all that is immoral about the religious Right. I know Bran has some thoughts about this, too -- hopefully he'll share them. I suggest that some core issues of such a movement could be religious tolerance, separation of church and state, and how to morally address modern threats such as terrorism. For political and intellectual inspiration, I suggest that we consider Barak Obama, whose language is particualry effective at reaching religious citizens.

These issue and more are what I'm going to focus on in the coming year and into the 2006 election season. Stay tuned, because the Node will continue to resist the badly-run "war on terrorism" in whatever way we can.

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