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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

There's another Flash Back in the works, but I've got some other projects which require my attention so it will have to wait. It's about U.S. policy towards South Africa, so you know where I'm heading. I plan to (time permitting) continue posting articles about U.S. efforts at spreading "Democracy" around the world. I think it's instructive to review that history, especially at a time when the Republican party specifically is bent on using the "positive" influence of the U.S. in spreading Democracy as a campaign issue. It's not merely a partisan issue -- plenty of Democrats found themselves on the wrong side of history at various times. However, there is a striking trend among the more conservative elements of the Republican party of misreading the arrow of history and making bad policy choices as a result. The current Bush Administration is guilty of this, and it's because the Administration has paid more attention to the extreme rather than the moderate elements of the Republican party. As a result, America is paying the price. In the event Bush wins the election (an outcome we highly doubt), I hope he listens more to the moderates.

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