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Friday, September 03, 2004

Hedge fund in the sky

If the words signified nothing, if they were so much clamor without meaning, than maybe we could brush it aside and sweep it under the political rug as one more empty promise. The problem is the words rolled off like threats that the President intends to keep: more regression in the newer "simpler" tax code -in other words making the poor pay for the government while the rich get fat off of it- Fewer high paying jobs, and more switching from entry level to entry level, less protection against corporate malfeasance, less security about our health and more blame on the people for that lack of security, the same goes for education -less help to get it , but more shame if you don't- and in the meantime there were more spending initiatives without correspondent revenue gathering (the dreaded "T" word). Fiscal irresponsibility coupled with social injustice spritzed with rosewater sounding words to cover the stench, this pretty much sums up the President's forward agenda if reelected.

If it were to turn out that there is a black-market derivative that's speculating on the collapse of the United States financial system, then there is a certain scary sensibility to all of this madness. Bretton Woods gone into its most hostile possible outcome. Certain players, those with close ties to oil and who hold large quantities of precious metals might make out alright. Especially if they had played the foreign currency market right. Most everything and everybody else would be in deep trouble. After the fall, scraps would be cheap and the best parts would be easily snapped up by the aforementioned oil and gold Hedgers. The ensuing new social order would ensure this new American gentry would have power over the lower classes for centuries. Wow, that would be absolutely mind blowing if I were a conspiracy theorist.

Alright, back to the real world. I just wanted to clarify and correct a couple of points about my last post. Richard Breeden, was the SEC director at the time of Bush's troubles with Harken and not Bush's lawyer, who was Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan is the current ambassador to Saudi Arabia and an appointee of the second Bush. Breeden was an appointee of the first Bush and an appointee of the second Bush. Odd that he should feel compelled to clear those charges. Jordan was a partner at Baker Botts before his appointment, Baker Botts is the law firm of James Baker III, who happens to be a major partner of the Carlyle Group with George H.W. Bush. Yet it clearly was my error to call Breeden Bush's lawyer when he was Bush's prosecutor and then appointee when Jordan was his lawyer and then appointee as well as recipients of favors from Bush's father.

Coincidentally enough, both Breeden and Jordan are experts in the field of laws concerning OTC (over the counter) or unregulated derivative markets. If anybody knew how to profit off of financial disater, these would be the fellows to ask.

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