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Friday, August 06, 2004

Yes, Rove-Cheney 2004 has kicked into full campaign mode, but unlike their last two contests, they actually have to be considered underdogs at this point. The Swift boat veterans commercial was the latest smear true, but watch for the White House to actually condemn the ad once they learn how damaging it plays over the next few days. Rove's tactics work best when his charge can claim high ground as the grunts do the dirty work, but after Cheney's foul-mouthed outburst on the Senate floor and the Republicans' whiny spin on the mostly positive Democratic convention and most of all a public still outraged by Abu Ghraib, this attack ad will be pinned directly to the President's campaign. After trying for months to paint the Democrats as a party of wild-eyed Bush haters, the visciousness felt by neo-cons toward the moderate left is finally beign exposed for its hypocrisy.

In the meantime, two other pertinent news items for today. I hate to say I told you so, but I did inform Node readers that the effects of the spike in oil prices would start to be felt most severely around the Democratic convention. Today's abysmal jobs announcement as well as yesterday's dismal retail results bear that out. The administration's economists failed to take into account the aftereffects of Russia's Yukos scandal, as well as unstable Middle East supplies yet again. Maybe they felt the handover of power would truly mean something to the Iraqis even though it didn't to the CPA. At any rate, with wages still rising slower than inflation (meaning the Fed has to raise interest rates again) and the likelihood of layoffs as capital spending freezes and consumer spending withers, the illusory recovery has run out of steam. Keep an eye out for any of three desperate moves by Bush in the next few weeks to stem the tide and further damage our economy: 1. releasing oil from the federal stockpiles (essentially throwing money away as they have spent great sums to build them up) 2. Ignoring inflation and pressuring Alan Greenspan to hold rates steady, or worse lower them again or 3. enact immediate tax-cut/spending measures to placate the masses. The last one certainly won't happen (although Republicans are already whispering the words "flat tax" when prepping for a second term) and Greenspan isn't stupid enough to lower rates, so maybe the most we could look for is further smears on John Kerry and his family.

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