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Friday, August 06, 2004

'The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which gets most of its funding from Texas Republican activists...'

Enough said -- Karl Rove. This smear campaign has his fingerprints all over it. Kids, it's time to put on your flack jackets 'cause we've got incoming, and it's not going to be pretty. The story also notes that the Bush campaign hasn't publicly condemned the ad, only stating that it wants to look to the "future" and that it believes John Kerry served honorably in Vietnam. McCain's b.s. detector went off as well, as this is similar to the dirty tricks Rove sprung on him during the 2000 primaries (note: they also tried to make McCain look like a guy who got mad and couldn't control his temper. Do you remember? That's the "angry liberal" line employed for other means...).

Y'know, it's kind of an interesting strategy -- I think Rove and company might be aiming to make the Vietnam thing a nonissue by forcing it early in the campagin (i.e., before the Repub. convention). That way, by the time we get to November the whole issue will be a joke, a "oh, not another Kerry war story". Another purpose may be to force both candidates to just not talk about Vietnam, i.e. to "move on" from the candidate's war experiences and focus on the "future". Either way, they're trying to neutralize the Vietnam issue 'cause they know they'll lose it. The Democrats don't have to point out, for instance, the unsettlingly familiar arc -- patriot goes to war, gets wounded in action, then comes home and speaks out against the war. This is happening all across America right now, with troops returning [and being sent back only weeks later. How convenient... -ed] from Iraq. Kinda funny how these wars of choice inspire so much dissent.

So, here's your assignment. Actually, this was a strategy once suggested by Bran (I don't know if he remembers -- Bran, do you remember? Maybe you'd like to chime in). Get pictures of Karl Rove. Lots of 'em. Blow them up big and plaster them all over the place. Shine the light on the cockroaches, show the people who's in charge of Bush's campaign. Perhaps the artists in our audience can come up with some creative ideas.

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