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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

In the coming week there will be much trumpeting out of New York City about how America is getting safer, what's more we will hear how we are well along on the road to recovery and that soon, if we make the right choice in November prosperity and peace will wash over the entire Earth like a baptism from above. Well, something like that at least. The rhetoric will certainly have those religious overtones but pains will be made to not make the war on terrorism seem a holy war, even though references to good and evil will be invoked countless times. The speakers will present a falsely moderate front, like the Democrats tried to mute their fanatics, the Republicans will likewise attempt to limit the exposure of theirs. The truth of course is that in front of the podium, delegates will openly compare the protesters outside to terrorists plotting the destruction of our cities, and for their part, most of those protesters won't say a word when the President is openly reviled and degraded. False claims will abound in both circles and both will claim to be unfairly muted by the liberal media or the corporate media depending on which side of Madison Square Garden's walls they're on, and see their First Amendment rights being trampled by nefarious plotters with wads of cash.

The one issue the President can't get around and dodges questions about at every opportunity is the fractured state of America. Meanwhile, try as he might, John Kerry will never break through a certain wall with GOP voters and the one other thing that's clear is that the middle is shrinking. Andrew asked a month or so ago what it would take to make third parties or a multi-party system viable again in the United States, and right now it's harder than ever to see an apparent answer to that. I mean the short answer is that it would take several election cycles of broad losses by one party where the intraparty divisions would feel stronger striking out on their own. The dominant party could feel the opposite effect, a third party would break off with a significant chunk as did Ross Perot from the GOP in 1992. That election was a little different with voters not gleening many distinctions between the two major parties, they latched onto something different. At any rate, as close as these past two elections have been, and with much clearer delineation between the Republicans and Democrats, I feel that the trend will be to increasing partisanship for another decade.

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