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Thursday, July 22, 2004

As predicted, the Administration's eyes exceeded their budget when it came to their warmongering and in order to cover the shortfall before Congress ponies up more scratch, the Department of Defense is searching through sofa cushions, cutting into non-essential programs such as equipment upkeep to cover the difference. Meanwhile, to cover the other predicted shortfall, that of actual servicemen, the Army is sending them out as quickly as they are signing them up,  which by my reckoning brings us one international crisis away -say a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, or proof of Iranian support and complicity in September 11- from a reinstituted draft. Buy those tickets to Canada while their cheap, boys.
The acceleration of training of course leaves our troops little more prepared for battle than the Iraqi security forces, and inches us steps closer to our next Vietnam. However, it says here that the current President will abandon Iraq before a draft is needed or we get caught too deep. The miseries of the Iraqis will be seen as politically justifiable to save face. If Kerry wins? It's a tough call, he needs to be able to follow through on his pledge to get more help from the U.N. or he gets the unenviable role of Nixon to Bush's LBJ. How's that for twisted irony?
Though the draft remains speculation, the needs of our servicepeople and their families are real -since neither Halliburton  nor George W. can be counted on to provide for them. If you're thinking of spending cash on one of those fashionable ribbon car magnets, please instead visit this site and put your money to better use.

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