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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

As an addendum to Andrew's post on Friday: apparently, Switzerland isn't the only country taking stock of foreign agents operating within its borders. What's interesting to me about the cases of Mossad agents in both New Zealand and Switzerland, are the facts that neither of these countries would seem to merit much of a threat to Israel. In fact, the Sharon administration has dismissed New Zealand's concerns as minor, coming from a country of minor global significance. The crimes these alleged (and in the Swiss case, confessed) agents are accused of committing furthermore indicate that these actions were just initial steps in larger operations. Now, in saying this I want to be explicit that these actions are in all likelihood designed to counter Palestinian fund-raising and weapons smuggling programs and shouldn't be taken to indicate a broader "Protocols of Zion" type of conspiracy espoused by ignorant anti-semites. However, the question arises that if Swiss and New Zealander intelligence agencies can uncover Mossad rings, why haven't we heard about Israeli agents operating within US borders? Does anybody really believe that they aren't here?
Here is my suggestion: The tangled web of the GOP's complicity with oil based interests in the Middle East grows ever more ghastly. Israel is propped up to divert Islam's attention away from the United States' oil concerns running a cartel like distribution system. Just like drug runners, the Bushes, Cheneys, and their greedy friends don't really care about the casualty list as long as the bottom line keeps pouring in. In exchange, Israel gets a free pass to conduct intelligence operations within the United States, Britain, and probably Germany. Also, the Saudi elite get pampered treatment and US protection for their regimes. Similar setups are probably already in place in Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan, with Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq soon to join the club. The dilemma for the administration is the latter two have to have a semblance of democracy -at least at first- in order to be convincing to our own voters.
Right now, the Bush administration is keeping this farce alive by claiming progress toward elections is being made, but continually pushing the dates back. To hold free and fair elections in these countries by our own November polling time would be impossible in either case. Indonesia has finally held Presidential elections for the first time nearly a decade after Megawatti Sukarnoputri took office and promised democratic reform. Former Soviet and Eastern Bloc states also have struggled, with many of the early "successes" of democracy, such as Georgia (until recently) and Russia itself, proving to be anything but. Within our own country, Florida has had four years to fix its polling since the 2000 elections but still might not be ready in time for November. California likewise endeavored to overhaul its system but has had to concede the changes won't be ready in time. And yet we expect two nations starting from scratch to be able to deliver democracy in a few months? The claims were as preposterous as any statements made by the administration in the run-up to the Iraq war, and yet haven't been realistically challenged or questioned because for some reason many Americans are still under the impression that they should trust the office of the Presidency.
That brings me back to Israel, operating the Mossad here as if it were another US intelligence agency, and my final question is, if the 9/11 panel gets its way and we do appoint an overarching head of all US intelligence agencies, shouldn't the Israelis report to him or her as well?

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