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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Alright, anything happen while the Node was gone? No handovers of power? no changes of the guard or trials of the old guard? No peace? Great, we didn't miss anything, it's lovely to note that the more things change, the more they stay the same. My only question is why didn't the administration perfrom it's little symbolic ribbon cutting ceremony even sooner? Who knows, but the closer it got to the June 30 deadline and the more obvious it became that nothing really significant was going to be affected by the handover of "sovereignty" to the Iraqi people, the more ridiculous the farce became. My personal hypothesis, and this is truly speculative conspiracy stuff so take these words with vinegar, is that the Bush administration wanted the Saddam trial to be in its most visible final stages right in the midst of the Democratic convention later in the month. It seems that this trial had become the biggest priority for the occupying powers from a while before the so called handover, the speed with which the court was established can attest to that. Not only is this a measure of the absolute failure the occupation has had in the rest of its mission, but it also points to a desperate ploy by the occupiers to draw positive publicity while a country's hopes for lasting peace burn.

Tomorrow in America we celebrate Independence Day, and in America we are awash in the stuff, so much so that we need an extra holiday on the fifth just to squeeze all our celebrating in. In Iraq, in Afghanistan, supposedly they have this thing, this Independence, this democracy now too, though neither country has yet to hold an election, neither country has yet to see peace, and neither country has yet to see the sun from under the shadow of the Americans' giant freedom hammer. We squash flowers like bugs over there and wonder why they don't get how good freedom can be. Perhaps if we started building power-plants instead of Hollywood style celebrity-trials they could.

Just a thought,

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