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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Touching The Void

It's time, once again, to pull back a bit from current events and survey the landscape. I like to do this frome time to time to try and get a handle on where all this stuff that's happening might lead (as if it could all lead to one destination!), and generally try to organize my thoughts. With that, here's some stuff to throw into the crockpot and stew:

1.) Remember Adnan Khashoggi, he of Iran-Contra fame? Remember the New Yorker article, a bit over a year ago, where Seymour Hersh detailed a meeting between Perle and Khashoggi? That article sprang to mind while pondering point two below;

2.) Let's pull another thread, this from very recent events. It's come to light that the Iraqi National Congress may have passed lots of highly classified U.S. intelligence to Iran.

3.) We now take a bounce back to Hersh's article for a quote:

'In mid-2001, however, he [Richard Perle] accepted an offer from Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to chair the Defense Policy Board, a then obscure group that had been created by the Defense Department in 1985. Its members (there are around thirty of them) may be outside the government, but they have access to classified information and to senior policymakers, and give advice not only on strategic policy but also on such matters as weapons procurement. Most of the board’s proceedings are confidential.'

4.) We add, now, to this interesting stew a reminder of a few other tidbits that've floated around in the recent past. Tidbit 1 -- It's revealed that Pakistan has been running a black-market operation to sell nuclear technology and secrets to various governments (including, Iran. Those guys sure do get around these days...). Tidbit 2 -- speaking of Iran, they've also been accused of trying to unduly influence the politics of occupied Iraq. Not too suprising considering the affinity some Shiites have for the Ayatollahs in Iran.

I'm going to stop here for now (I have to leave in a few minutes for a weekly appointment...). Nevertheless, I have some questions in my own mind about connections between Saudi Arabia, Iran, Richard Perle, Illegal nuclear technology, North Korea, and a whole other host of variables and interesting situations. We have yet to mix into this stew the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli intelligence, the Jordanians (and their tusseling with the INC)... I will draw at this point only one conclusion -- the real world is a very complex place.

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