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Friday, May 14, 2004

So as Andrew pointed out in his previous posts, Seymour Hersh has been on the offensive the last two weeks for the New Yorker, the latest issue of which attacks the White House in several articles and features including one about the bungled attempts to neutralize radical Shiite cleric Maqtada al Sadr. Here again, military personnel mention the lack of organization on the ground, and lack of manpower to get the job done. In light of this and the prison scandal, the Bush administration recently asked Congress to fund the Iraqi operation with less than half the money it requested last year. Hmmm...

Okay, here's a shot in the dark, but try it out for a second. Let's say we have an embattled leader of the world's most dominant superpower in an election year standoff. Half a world away, there's a war raging that this super-power under the brilliant and shining guidance of said leader has supposedly already won but continues to spiral out of control into mass chaos. The cleanup for this war will be messy and incredibly costly, but this leader has to be careful because voters are starting to catch on that maybe everything in this war isn't as tidy as it appears. Now, you are that leader and are faced with going to Congress and asking for money to clean up this mess you caused.

Do you:

A) Come clean and ask for all the money necessary to finish the job, knowing that the figure will cripple the economy and plunge the nation further into the record debt you've already piled up and probably seal your fate as a loser in November?

B) Ask for a significant portion of the money, hope to save enough face before the November election to get a second term and then go back and ask for the rest after the voters return you (you hope) to office?


C) Ask for a ridiculously small amount of money while plugging your ears to your people in the Pentagon and shouting over and over "I can't hear you! LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA" while you plan your inaugural address, resting assured that your underfunded education program will keep most Americans from having the skills to read the newspapers anyway.

Yeah, it's a tough one alright.

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