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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

President Bush has released the hounds. A torrent of media spending, followed by a close guard on attacks on his precious defense record (such as yesterday's blitzkrieg of four of his highest profile aides, including Dick Cheney on Rush Limbaugh's radio show to deflect the criticism of Richard Clarke) have seemingly helped him secure leads in several key states. Despite yesterday's quick nip to try and head off media scrutiny of the Clarke claims, the election strategy remains largely offensive at this stage.

Recent attacks on Kerry have included this farce from the White House projecting a one trillion dollar tax gap in Kerry's fiscal policy over ten years. Okay, notwithstanding the fact that as this article points out, the White House has never taken the time to make a ten year projection of its own disastrous policies, and forget that this figure is derived from wild conjecture, the fact remains that the deficit last year was over five hundred billion dollars and the deficit this year will be well over four hundred billion dollars, and with the weakening dollar and costly election year spending proposals may yet reach last year's supposed high water mark. Even if it doesn't, the deficit of the Bush economy in two years is well over half the gap he sees in Kerry' proposals in ten.

Anyway, as this Christian Science Monitor piece points out, Kerry is best served by keeping fairly mum on the subject right now, letting credible insiders like Clarke and former treasury secretary Paul O'Neill undermine the administration's stance. The more bogus claims the President makes, and in an election year he is likely to make some, the easier it becomes to attack him at his weakest spot, credibility. The administration, for its part, is likely to paint Kerry as equally incredulous and try to make the issue a wash. How the public responds to that will be determined mostly by Kerry's answers (they should be straight forward and succinct) in interviews and public forums.

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