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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Now that the British government has decided to drop charges against Katherine Gun, the U.S. should ask itself this question: should its intelligence resources be spent on spying on the U.N.? This subject hasn't been broached much publicly in the debate over the run-up to war with Iraq, but in light of Republican staffers using a security flaw to browse internal documents on the Democrats' computers in Congress we should be asking what our President and his advisers planned on doing with the information and whether the U.S. should even be collecting it in the first place. In the domestic case, the Republicans have used the documents to accuse the Democrats of consulting outside parties in their efforts to fillibuster Bush nominees to the appeals court. Did the President and his advisers actually think bugging the U.N. offices of countries such as Cameroon, Angola, and Chile would provide them with useful dirt? So far, flinging dirt seems to be the real use of intelligence information (i.e., the Valerie Plame scandal, misleading information about Iraq, ad infinitum). Quite frankly, much of this matches the operating traits of Karl Rove as detailed in the book "Bush's Brain". We have suggested more than once that the comparisons between this Administration and the Nixon Administration were legion, and these questionable uses of information back up that thesis. Indeed, Watergate pt. II (accessing the documents on Democrat's computers) may prove to be small potatoes compared to what may actually be going on. Perhaps Mr. Hersh could revise his 70's role as Whitehouse muckraker extrordinaire? We suggest as the title of the resulting book "The Price Of Empire".

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