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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I tend to disagree with Andrew that the Presiden'ts re-election tagline is false. Misleading true, but he has
been a steadily abysmal leader in changing the country from the prosperous and progressive
economy he inherited into the currently paranoid and chaotic version.

President Bush is preying on fear and preying on ignorance to desperately maintain support of his
policies. By continually couching the political debate in the most militaristic terms: "I am a war
president," "times of uncertainty," etc, he establishes a shadow enemy that, like Saddam's
WMD's is at once exaggerated and vague. The intended effect is to create an impression that the
only person capable of vanquishing this shadowy foe, this unnamed terror, is the man with clear
vision, i.e. the man who can somehow see the enemy nobody else in America can. We can't trust
Democrats; we can't trust anybody who doesn't have George W's x-ray-vision to finish the job
now that it's started. At the beginning of President Bush's war on terror, I expressed concern to
Andrew about the President's superhero rhetoric. It seemed as if the only books the President
had read growing up were those little picture filled pamphlets published by DC or Marvel and
that with September 11, he had finally found release for his inner do-gooder. The ramifications
are becoming clear now. Already in at least five states for this upcoming election (Illinois,
California, Kansas, North Carolina and Virginia) there have been strong political candidates
emerge with racially divisive anti-immigrant platforms. In the brouha over gay marriages,
opposing parties have charged each other with evil-deeds and the suppression of good. The head
of Bush's education department has just called the leading teachers' union a "terrorist

President Bush in his interview with Tim Russert said his biggest regret as president is that he is
seen as a divider, when he campaigned as one who could bring the opposing sides together. Yet
failing to recognize the impact his own verbal lead has on the country remains a weakness and a
primary source for this division. If, instead of campaigning against "activist judges" (say it as
you would "Legion of Doom") who oppose his views while backing Antonin Scalia in a blatant
conflict of interest with Dick Cheney, and appointing William Pryor despite the pleas of over
200 civil liberties organizations, he actually took time to listen and lead with real vison, America
would be in far better shape. Consumer confidence is eroding despite the wealth flowing into the
country because he spreads fear. The recovery from the recession that took place at the
beginning of his term has been hampered at every step by his policies of rewarding his friends

The president has been compared to several of our nation's past leaders, and he likes to
compare himself to the greatest of these men (his speech yesterday was made conspicuously in
front of a portrait of Lincoln) However, the one president he shares eerily similar qualities to that
you will never hear him mention is one Warren G. Harding. You remember: an easily
manipulated president who doesn't pay much attention to the news but has a fondness for
movies chooses advisers, powerful men with close ties to energy concerns who score
some sweetheart deals including one in Wyoming, Teapot Dome or something. Anyway, lookup
Harding on a presidential ranking scale sometime and wonder aloud: hmm, if the Carlyle Group
didn't have George H. W. Bush on its board of directors, would they be able to score so big in
Iraq? And other questions along that vein and tell me what you think.

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