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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Dear Donald Luskin,

We at the Node of Evil were never priviledged enough to have Fox News sic its lawyers on our site for our using "Fair and Balanced" in our header. We're a small blog with no money or fame, so it follows that there aren't any lawyer targets painted on our home page. Perhaps we can correct this by calling you a stalker, for stalking Paul Krugman and, as Kool Keith so aptly said, "...making obnoxious facial scenes like I'm supposed to be scared...". Are we all supposed to be scared of you? If your lawyer bot isn't preoccupied or overloaded with the sheer weight of "Luskin is a stalker" posts on blogs today, perhaps it could send us a menacing letter. While we're not a high-profile target and thus don't merit your time we are sexy, and certainly worthy of being stalked. You stocky stalker you. All day tomorrow our theme song will be "Every Breath You Take" as we watch the inbox, just hoping and praying for a lawyer stalker letter.

Thanks for your support.

-The Node Of Evil Restraining Order Society-

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