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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

We'd like to express our condolences for the families of those killed at the U.N. headquarters in Iraq yesterday. We're particularly saddened by the passing of Sergio Vieira de Mello, who was an outstanding example of why Brazil is so cool.

While Mr. Bremer chalks up the attack to "bitter-enders", a catch-all meant to diminish the scope of Iraqi resistance if we've ever seen one, many indications are that real terrorists such as Al-Qaeda may be behind the attack. If so, they've taken Bush's call to "bring it on" to heart and are showing that they can, indeed, "bring it on". Another ominous sign from the attack is that the weapons used were all military-grade munitions. The U.S. did a very poor job of securing arsenals as they trumbled through Iraq, and it now looks like many will have to pay the price for that mistake. It's one thing for every family in Iraq to own a gun. It's a completely different thing to not secure military weapons and thus foment a lucrative market for enterprising looters. If both these pieces of information are taken together, then it would indicate that the "terrorists" behind this attack are using Iraqi weapons obtained on the black market that sprang up during and after the looting.

Another ominous sign is the possible recent relocation of Al-Qaeda associates from elsewhere to Iraq. We have to wonder how they'll fit into the political scene, and whether or not they have aspirations similar to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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