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Monday, August 25, 2003

Update: I don't know if Bran has been playing with his magic 8 ball or just reading the news:

Bran said: '. . . while "Training Day" and other movies depcit newbie cops as skilled idealists, in a country where corruption has quickly become a way of life in the absence of central authority, do we really expect 28,000 barely trained, but significantly armed law enforcers to act in the best interest of the people?'

The AP said (in the story linked below): 'She had originally reported that it was U.S. soldiers who fired on the crowd, but on Sunday said it was Iraqi police who had been sent to quell the protests and the U.S. soldiers arrived after the incident.'

'"They were nervous and they panicked and fired warning shots into the crowd, which killed two and wounded two," Aberle said Sunday. The policemen were taken into U.S. military custody and an investigation was underway, she said.'

Original post:

Welcome back, Bran, I promise to give you a ring in your new digs... Things have been a bit crazy around here.

It looks like the Kurds are starting to chime in:

'BAGHDAD, Iraq - Rocket-propelled grenades were fired at statues of two Turkomen heroes as ethnic fighting spread to the northern city of Kirkuk and police tried to maintain order in a nearby town. '

. . .

'Earlier, Kirkuk Mayor Abdul Rahman Mustafa, a Kurd, told the AP two people were killed and several were wounded. He did not identify the victims' by ethnicity.'

'According to both CNN-Turk television and private NTV television in Ankara, Turkey, hundreds of Turkomen, carrying blue Turkomen flags, marched on the governor's office. Turkey's Anatolia news agency reported two Turkomen were shot and killed and 11 wounded by Patriotic Union of Kurdistan forces.'

Andrew 8:31 AM : |


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