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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The New York Times reports that John Ashcroft is travelling around the country to defend the USA-PATRIOT act. Rather than focus on his trip, we'd like to take this opportunity to promote the Root Causes of Terrorism Act, which might look a little something like this:

Whereas: We know that most terrorist organizations have some politically relevant reason for resorting to violence, and

Whereas: The motivations for terrorist acts throughout the centuries have varied widely and don't simply stem from blind hatred, and

Whereas: All conflicts must end in some sort of negotiated settlement (even if such settlement is the negotiation of a surrender), and

Whereas: We recognize that history shows police states to be ineffective in ultimately repressing terrorism, being able to only hold it at bay while simultaneously increasing sympathy with the "terrorists". And

Whereas: Most human beings may be reasoned with, we are thus

Resolved: To address the root causes of terrorism -- instability of all sorts (political, economic, social, etc...), extremism, and bigotry using all peaceful means at our disposal. We are also

Resolved: To determine the motivations of the various groups associated with the various terrorist networks and address these issues, whatever they may be, and in as peaceful a manner as possible. We are further

Resolved: To repeal repressive measures instituted for the purposes of fighting "terrorism". Finally, we are

Resolved: To employ all legal means which respect the rights of the citizens to protect those citizens from those who may employ violence to further their political goals, whatever those goals may be.

Very pie-in-the-sky, but that's what our general formula for ending terrorism looks like. As it stands the Bush adminstration has done an excellent job of inciting hatred of the U.S. around the world and contributing to the root causes of terrorism. The current military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are on the road to either a.) negotiated settlements, or b.) humilitating withdrawl of the United States, or c.) both.

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