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Thursday, August 14, 2003

The Los Angeles Times has a killer article up about DARPA -- Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Among other things, the article outlines research by DARPA in the 70's on Telekenesis (conclusion: it couldn't be "controlled"):

'During the 1970s DARPA studied telepathy and psychokinesis, the psychic manipulation of objects. "The Soviets ΒΌ had a woman who was fantastic," Tether said. "She could feel colors."'

'DARPA probed such methods to see, for example, if anyone could psychically peek around the globe for military advantage. "DARPA spent, for those days, considerable amounts of money because the impact would be tremendous if you could do it" - and disastrous if the Soviets won the telepathy race, Tether said. Ultimately the agency concluded that parapsychology, if real, could not be used on demand, and killed the project.'

I suppose we ought to get out the tin-foil hats... Several recent rumors (I'm not sure if they qualify as news stories, but I could be wrong) surrounding the Bush administration highlight their thinking "outside the box", such as the Van Impe flap. The terrorism futures market came out of DARPA (under the direction of that forward thinker John Poindexter), as did a number of wildly useful things such as the internet. Now, if only all those scientists and thinkers would channel their intelligence to come up with nonviolent methods for dealing with terrorists and people like Saddam Hussein (nonviolent means for dealing with terrorists? That's definitely outside the box for this administration). Perhaps while they're at it they could come up with a way to nonviolently keep Iran for going nuclear and for disarming North Korea of its claimed nuclear weapons.

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