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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Here's another link to an article regarding Halliburton's under-reported role in the financially lucrative rebuilding of Iraq that Andrew pointed to yesterday, this time from the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, the president continues to stump for Operation Iraqi Fiefdom as a necessary component of his overall scheme to rid the world of evil doing terrorists. This questionable political move leaves him vulnerable to the same questions that he hasn't been able to answer since the very beginning without phony evidence, namely, "Why attack Iraq?" and "How do you justify the gargantuan resources spent in a time of financial crisis are in the immediate interest of the American people?"

Of course, the people are finally starting to wise up as more body bags get shipped back from overseas, making this latest strategy particularly puzzling from that master manipulator, Karl Rove. Domestically of course, the phantom recovery seems to be about as apparent as Iraqi WMD's. All the numbers seem to indicate money is flowing back into the country at a pretty good clip, yet ordinary people haven't seen a drop of it. Don't worry folks, this isn't a case of forged documents, this is common to what we in the eighties called "trickle down economics" where rich bastards get even more loaded and attend gala fund raisers for their elected hero to keep their money secure (popping 20 or so Benjamins for a plate or two, mind you) before dropping a dime in the hat of the unemployed on the street outside.

Get used to it. Last time we went through this for just over a decade and unless you have the power to convince a few hundred thousand in several swing states that having meal money in their pocket is as good as having a marriage defending baby saver in the White House, than we might be in this for a little longer.

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