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Monday, August 25, 2003

Alright, by way of explanation, I haven't been posting on the node for several weeks because I was busy lobbying some friends in DARPA to try this new method of intelligence gathering by employing other key principles of market economies into their efforts.

For instance, I was the one who suggested that Alan Greenspan monitor terrorism and decide if we are in an inflationary or deflationary mode and adjust what I call "the prime security rate" accordingly. Too much terrorism causing oil prices to skyrocket and SUV purchases to decline? Raise the rate of security to levels where we randomly take out swaths of terrorists and a few innocent bystanders like the Israelis and we should get those Hummers off the sales floor quicker than you can say "Earth Liberation Front". Is there not enough terrorism to keep the president's singular focus of ridding the world of evil doers relevant? Simply lower the rate to a point where rogue nations can look into nuclear power as a way of improving infrastructure and voila instant sound bite opportunities have been created.

I also thought, hey, why don't we create a sort of phantom supply and demand chain where we can raise the rate that people perceive of terrorism as a threat to this country while not actually raising the rate of terrorism. But then I was informed that DARPA had been enlisting these two new up and comers, Skilling and Lay, for just that purpose for some time already (well before that short little war in Iraq we were engaged in earlier this year began, they say) so I decided to head home.

Once home, I read this little ditty in the NY Times about this new super specialized Iraqi police force which will be supertrained and ready to fight those unsophisticated guerillas who -though they may have been on Saddam's army for years- have no chance against this elite squadron of eight week trained wonder-cops. Okay, so admittedly there is this voice in the back of my head that says, "One more fiasco in the way this administration has handled Iraq won't make that much of a difference will it?"

Maybe the administration has spent too much time watching Hollywood in its efforts to overthrow the liberals' hold on California, but while "Training Day" and other movies depcit newbie cops as skilled idealists, in a country where corruption has quickly become a way of life in the absence of central authority, do we really expect 28,000 barely trained, but significantly armed law enforcers to act in the best interest of the people? What about under the duress of life threatening attacks by extremists against them and their families? The absurdity that this administration is still looking for quick fixes is turning into a frightening, almost Shakespearean, tragedy where the hubris of a few leads to the ruin of many.

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