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Thursday, May 15, 2003

O.k., quick break from world politics.

Movie Review: The Matrix: Reloaded

I, with about a million other people, saw The Matrix: Reloaded last night. Thanks to the ubiquity of 10 and 10:30 PM showings I got a ticket yesterday afternoon and had a rather nice exerience at a theater a couple of miles away that I didn't know about before. This is good, as I've always wanted a reliable go-to for those Wednesday night (or early Thursday morning) releases.

Ah, the world of the Matrix... I'm not sure how to really interpret their worldview, but it does get expanded in this episode (number 2 of 3, in case you're one of the three people who didn't know there's another one coming out in November). Tip number 1: stay until the end credits for a preview of the next Matrix movie. Tip number 2: brush up on Matrixdom so you're ready to jump in full throttle, because there is a quiz and studying will greatly increase your score. That said, there's the requisite butt kicking and various violent sequences, some really great banter between the Oracle and Neo, and cool white guys with dreds. I've heard that Jason Bently did the incidental music. Alas, I hope this isn't true because it sucked -- waaay to cheesy and nowhere near as mindblowing as the movie itself. Tip number 3: Bring your Crystal Method cd (Vegas) and play it during the fight scenes. That venerable dog of late-90's techno has finally found its full-length music video. Tip number 4: Get DJ Premiere to do the sound for the next film. Keeping all that in mind, there are several paradigm shifts in store and plenty to contemplate. I spent a good half of the movie going "uh... this kinda sucks" and the second half white-knuckled to the armrests. I guess my big-budget expectations are higher than the budget because I wasn't really blown away by the effects. Besides, it wasn't the effects that made the first one so cool. It was the concept, and the conceptual stuff doesn't kick in until the Oracle scene.

Verdict: Sort of Mindblowing (the first one was Totally Mindblowing, for reference). This may change, however, when all three films are shown in context.

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