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Monday, April 07, 2003

Update 2: Hmm, I believe there are several weapons systems that have been lumped into the BM-21 category. There seem to be several weapons systems that are nicknamed "Stalin Organ"; I've seen the BM-21 and the BM-13 referred to as such. I don't have a copy of any of the Jane's weapons guides available so I can't check it out, but the general picture seems to be that there are a number of variants of the system and that the BM-21 system does indeed date from before WW II (although current launchers may have been designed later). From what I've read it appears that there are launchers with 12 and 40 rocket capacities (the 12 rocket version being the older of the two) and that there are rockets available with variable ranges. I've seen the "BM-21" appellation applied to both the rockets and the launcher (I suspect it's the designation of the launcher), but it may be that it applies to the whole system, which includes both.

Update: More from MSNBC about the chemical weapons finds. In their article, they quote the range of the BM-21 to be 15 miles. We'll check with our sources to clarify the technical details. The article also describes the truck-mounted launching system, which is consistent with the "Stalin Organs" mentioned below.

Various reports of U.S. forces finding chemical weapons are filtering in this morning (NPR, New York Times, MSNBC, Reuters). It looks like we have two separate incidents here, one involving some chemicals in oil drums and the other involving 20 BM-21 rockets that have chemical warheads. The BM-21's, in case that sounds familiar, are the same kind of rocket that weapons inspectors had found earlier with hollowed-out warheads but no chemicals. The BM-21 122mm. rocket is a Russian weapon, designed and made before World War II. It has a range of 26 miles although it is relatively inaccurate in comparison to artillery rounds of a similar size. The rockets can be mounted in what are called "Stalin Organs" for rapid firing. The conventional version has seen use in wars around the world and can be a devestating weapon due to the force of the explosion and the shrapnel contained in the warhead, although well-trained troops can endure it. I believe its use for delivery of chemical weapons was not part of the original design (Google, anyone?).

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