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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Update: We're upping the status of this interview with Robert Fisk to MUST READ, level red. In the course of four or five paragraphs he's said more pertinent and interesting stuff than anyone else during the entire war. Once again, the interview is here. He's now on our short list of trustworthy journalists with Seymour Hersh.

Welcome back, Bran. The following is a quote from Robert Fisk, something we've all probably thought about but may not have verbalized yet:

"And the real issue is that these prisoners should not be maltreated, tortured, or hurt after capture. When you realize that 19 men have tried to commit suicide at Guantanamo, that we now know that 2 prisoners at the US base Bagram were beaten to death during interrogation. To accuse the Iraqis of breaking the Geneva Convention by putting American POWs on television in which you hear them being asked what state they’re from in the states, it seems a very hypocritical thing to do. But one would have to say, technically, putting a prisoner of war on television and asking them questions on television is against the Geneva Convention. It is quite specifically so. And thus, clearly Iraq broke that convention when it put those men on television- I watched them on Iraqi TV here. But, as I’ve said, it’s a pretty hypocritical thing when you realize, this equates to the way America treats prisoners from Afghanistan- Mr. Bush is not the person to be teaching anyone about the Geneva Convention."

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