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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Too true about international trends, how long before mainstream America realizes that despite all his "we don't need the U.N." bluster, President Bush hasn't done a thing so far without the U.N.? It's curious how his popularity holds up -even the Washington Times recognizes that we're in a heap of trouble at home with unemployment (though they suggest doing even more of what hasn't worked, i.e. tax cuts, to solve it) and economic stagnation. The problems with diplomacy are so apparent meanwhile, that as the first link shows, the administration struggles to hold on to its biggest ally -let alone win support from middling countries.

Thus far, President Bush has enjoyed an unprecedented run due to the shock and terror induced by the attacks on September 11, a fundamentalist kinship to a majority of America's religious (particualrly in the South) and a congenial personality and charisma that has been lacking in Democrats for the last three years. Oh, and lest I forget, Karl Rove.

Good luck trying to convince libertarians, Andrew. Arguing on the one hand for diplolmatic isolationism while expecting corporations to go unhindered in global free trade seems to be a having their cake and eating it too scenario. However, I may be overly simplistic in assuming that American corporations need the State Department to open foreign markets such as, well let's say China. They also seem incapable of grasping that there could be any sort of long term ramifications to diplomatic affrontery. Certainly while the U.S. holds such unparallelled economic and military footing, we have little to worry about other than random, rogue attacks from anti-American zealots. However, once the United States loses that economic edge, and the prospect of losing it to Rumsfeld's "Old Europe" isn't unlikely, then the picture changes. Regardless of our president's party or politicsat that time, treaties that we abandoned we will put back in force, only as a submissive partner rather than a leader. Plants will be shut down, the military will be weakened voluntarily, all of Bush's corporate friendly policies will be up in eco-friendly smoke. We might even adopt a national health plan to be more like our European comrades. So why exactly am I fighting this future? Because I'd rather see America get there sooner on its own terms keeping its glory, rather than later as the Uriah Heep of countries.

P.S. Andrew, it might not be wise to lead them to look for something like this, a study by the State Department -which I assume cost taxpayers something- about work efficiency that came up with such brilliant ideas, to paraphrase, as "New people can use the help of people with more experience" or "Realistic goals are better than impossible goals".

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