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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Okay, this post might seem a little off topic, but the appointment of Gregory Mankiw is perhaps one of the wisest moves the president has made in the last year. Mankiw, as the article points out, is a solid and deserving choice, who is probably one of the few people in the world that can make the prez's dubious economic agenda sound promising. Still, one wonders how even he will be able to sell a debt load in the trillions of dollars after arguing so vehemently against it for so long.

Now what this has to do with the war on Iraq is this: president Bush wakes up in the morning and sees that his 80's retro policies are rubbing Americans the wrong way and his approval ratings are hitting levels that they hadn't seen since before 9/11. Knowing that he is already in the thick of it with this Iraq thing and that there is no way he can back down from a war that could severely damage his chances of reelection if it doesn't go right, he decides to throw a few bones to the American people (okay that isn't a legit story, but it's funny anyway).

Seriously, however, he does have a history of championing for a moment slightly left causes if he feels too much backlash from any particular sector. This sometimes comes in the form of backtracking (also see this article) and sometimes, as with Mankiw, in the form of political appointments. This shrewd manipulation of swing voters happens regularly in the Bush White House and should be monitored as this war unfolds, what social prize will he toss out next?

On a more directly related note, Bush's backtracking isn't always to the left, if anybody actually paid attention to promises from his campaign. One has to wonder why he seems so concerned over some WMD's when others don't seem to faze him at all.

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