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Monday, March 24, 2003

My apologies for not posting in a while, I had to go on a "fact-finding" mission to Arizona, which consisted mostly of watching Spring Training baseball, playing with my nephew, and discussing domestic policy and film with my siblings. Did I miss anything while I was out? Oh, I guess we went ahead with that war thing after all. As of right now it's too early to tell who was right on the "War with Iraq is Good vs. War with Iraq is Bad" front. Obviously the truth won't be so easy to polarize anyway. There are a few things we can ascertain at this point, however. One, though the continued resistance in and around Basra portends a humanitarian disaster, this war hasn't seen the slaughter of innocents thus far many anti-war protesters feared. The significant piece of circumstantial evidence supporting this is the fact that there hasn't been a flood of refugees coming out of Iraq. Albeit in a similar vein, the US and British administrations have seriously and dubiously overestimated their persuasiveness in regards to the Iraqi people and its leadership. Though this failure probably won't beat the Charge of the Light Brigade in famous failures of military arrogance, it should rank highly on the list. Violent demonstrations in Arab countries serve notice to the U.S. and hopefully President Bush is aware that he has fostered a new generation of terrorists. However, not every fundamentalist Islamic group is fueling anti-American hatred, this one from Iran, actually supports a military coup of Saddam.

President Bush has come out with his proposed war spending for the first six months, among the noteworthy items is the continued conflict of words and actions in preparing for post-war Iraq. Also, there is a short list of some countries who happily accept American blood-money to keep quiet. Finally, and perhaps most significantly for our own livelihoods, the President once again ignores an opportunity to actually stimulate some vital sectors of the American economy (particularly airlines) while pursuing global agendas which only do them harm. Americans have to be vigilant to not get too distracted by the War to lose sight of President Bush's continued attack on Domestic issues. Meanwhile, it was a bad day for civil liberties. Though the Supreme Court's decision not to take the ACLU's case against the top secret spy court is unsurprising, due to the lack of a real plaintiff, this one should be argued for real before too long. But as a way of throwing sand in the face of civil libertarians on the same day, the Justice department has decided to go ahead and reduce its standards when culling for potential criminal elements.

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