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Monday, March 03, 2003

I am entirely convinced of the inevitability of conflict with Iraq, and it is because of this that I wish that the president, you George II, would pull the trigger already. Get this debacle in motion so the subsequent empty rise in your popularity as predicted by David W. Brady (if you doubt his ability at gauging public opinion, read his and Jeremy C. Pope's midterm election predictions written Septemebr 15) will be short and you will learn of the reason your father couldn't get re-elected first hand.

Anyway, Brady is a Hoover fellow so perhaps we should take his theory about a popularity spike with a grain of salt. There is more of interest from that publication, even though it is months old. Click here for an article that again reiterates that even the conservative thinkers know this war has almost nil to do with weapons of mass destruction. More interesting to me is this article giving Ronald Reagan credit for seemingly singlehandedly pulling down the walls of communism.

What makes this article particularly relevant is the comparison one can draw to the current administration. Hmmm. It's no coincidence obviously, but Bush and his fellow Reaganites haven't thought this new threat through. Increasing defense spending isn't going to cripple our enemies economically, there is no comparison to the Soviet Union in that regard. The only purpose this will serve is to cripple our own country financially for decades to come. Secondly, the fanatical spread of our enemies' beliefs all but guarantees future generations will continue in hatred towards Americans and their endeavors. Communist propoganda by its nature couldn't offer anything better than the American lifestyle, contrast that to teachings of a fundamentalist religion. Each person in that society must evaluate for themselves if they are more likely to gain happiness through wealth or a postmortal paradise and live thereafter according to the verdict. Nature tends toward the path of least resistance.

Third, we are forced militarily to take an offensive approach far from the American homeland. The furthest afield that Reagan ventured with land troops was the Carribean. I think that the obvious distictions between Bush's version of "evil" and Reagan's should give most credible people pause, yet somehow most Americans haven't grasped this yet.

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