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Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Woohoo, a "shell game"! Well, I guess the inspections language left out stuff in international waters... Maybe Saddam just disarmed himself -- I doubt these ships will make it to harbor anyplace unsearched. I can see it now -- like an L.A. car chase on the evening news -- CNN's "Ship Cam" as an armada of media helicopters follow the "mystery ships" out at sea. Is Saddam Flushing His Weapons? Bring on the circus, baby. Maybe Osama is on those ships too.

Oh yeah, don't forget to eat French or German this week. May I suggest a roast chicken stuffed with sausage, chantrelles, and black truffles? If the truffles are too expensive, portabello mushrooms marinated with white truffle oil for a few hours should work just fine. Don't forget to brine the bird for a few hours in a 10% saline solution (if it's not marked as "self-basting") and melt some butter over low heat with some garlic. Spread the butter mixture on your bird with a pastry brush at the beginning of cooking and several times throughout. Larousse Gastronomique suggests that you cook your bird at 400 degrees F until the juices run clear when you prick the thigh with a fork. If you want a really crisp skin, leave the chicken uncovered in the refrigerator to dry out before you cook it (this from Cook's Illustrated, published by the folks that bring you America's Test Kitchen). Since Richard Perle is apparently a good cook, this will be doubly good because not only are you a.) showing your support for France and Germany, but you're also b.) beating an admin anti-France hawk at his own game. Ah, the pleasures of "old europe".

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