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Friday, February 21, 2003

A theory I would like to present to Node of Evil. The war on terror, the axis of evil, all of this posturing on Iraq has one big ultimate goal in mind: To clear the way for an open, capitalist China. Now stop your chortles for a moment and let me explain. Afghanistan holds nothing for us. Iraq? Sure it has oil reserves but those have always been ours anyway (we have the cash, we have the cars) and even the republicans know oil won't be important for fuel for very much longer. (Okay, I admit we are probably interested in gaining some market control in this area.)

Why then, should we bother with this piece of desert? To preserve freedom and democracy? Please if that was important to the GOP they wouldn't be so eager to use their shiny new Patriot Act. To preserve national security and root out Al Qaeda? I suppose, but really even the administration only claims that Iraq serves as a link between the Iran/Pakistan/Afghanistan base and the Syria/Lebanon or Yemen/Gulf bases as well as a safe harbor for funds. In other words the expense of a massive military endeavor plus a lengthy occupation would not seem to justify the result of cutting terrorist transit lines.

Maybe it really is as the administration claims, all about keeping U.N. mandates and dismantling weapons of mass destruction. Okay, never mind, silly idea. Nope, clearly there has to be something else -some fish big enough to make Tony Blair gamble his entire political career over. Why would the left leaning governor of Old America be siding with the President, rather than the governors of Old Europe? President Bush is deceptive. His entire administration has focused on giving more freedom to the American corporation at whatever cost, even the freedoms of individual citizens.

Now with this in mind, I look at this coming war with Iraq and wonder, what does this do for American and British business interests? The answers are not immediately forthcoming, Iraq holds large reserves of oil, it has -to the best of my knowledge- no MacDonalds, the pubs probably don't serve Guiness at the moment, few cell phones and a fairly sizable population that screams for Coca Cola. A nice catch to be sure, but why kick up a pit of vipers to sell a few Big Macs?

Then I thought of China. Big red fuzzy panda bear China has been a thorn in Bush's side since he nearly led us to disaster with his first international crisis. You remember the spy plane crash don't you? Anyway, China has been the goal from day one, if it weren't for September 11 this military build-up may be aimed Pyongyang and North Korea right now rather than Iraq. North Korea being the doorstep, China being the door.

What Bush and Blair realize is that instability in the near East creates havoc for business concerns in the Far East. Cutting the fundamentalist transit system allows Israel to take on the Syria/Lebanon front while the U.S focuses on the Persian Gulf and Yemen centers. After the U.S. takes care of their end, the supply to Africa’s fanatics will be mostly cut off and terrorists there will once again have little footing and support for their operations. In theory disconnected fragmented cells are easier to contain than the current connected spider cells.

That’s all nice and lovely but what about China? The biggest loss to the Bush administration on September 11 was felt in America’s business. Corporate interest in global expansion however hasn’t waned. Businesses still want the world but they want it on their terms. They don’t care about Africa because Africa doesn’t have any money at the moment, ditto for North Korea and Pakistan. They want relatively wealthy countries like Iraq and China and any excuse to open them to American trade is a welcome one. By taking Iraq, America secures global consumerism and stabilizes the emerging Asian markets.

China has been well on its way to becoming a capitalist state for some time. However the interruption of global business brought on by the fear of similar catastrophic attacks like 9/11 has interrupted that process. In effect, this war on terror, kind of like the war on drugs, isn’t meant to eradicate terrorism, just to limit its costs to acceptable, stable levels. Whether these costs are in dollars or lives doesn’t matter as long as they are controlled. Iraq is a key component in cost control with the added benefit of having resources and wealth and being relatively untapped by global commercial concerns. Who wouldn’t want to take it over besides those silly hippie French?

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