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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I am not making this up, but yesterday morning on the Fox News Channel, Fox and Friends' co-anchor Brian Kilmeade, who not long ago was solely a sports anchor, took Janeane Garofalo to task for using her status as a celebrity to get airtime to advance her views of opposition to the war on terrorism. This show features Kilmeade and a former Miss Minnesota among its cast of hardboiled journalists that always give provocative in depth analysis of current events. Use that link to access the site and if you want to see any of the clips, I would suggest using my e-mail address, with the password "hardboiled" to get in so they track me and not you. Pay particular note to the paranoia propaganda of unmanned drones spraying us with Iraqi anthrax which U.S. officials swear isn't a timed leak, it's hilarious.

Anyway, I bet Garofalo's Providence College degree matches Kilmeade's LIU sheepskin in scholarly qualification, but the point is that millions of American viewers are going to side with Kilmeade because he's obviously a news guy being on a news show and Janeane, well she's just a goofy cynical actress. I suppose any readers of this little weblog will know not to rely on television (yes, including cable) news outlets for reliable unslanted information -just in case you don't believe, me, ask Robert Fisk- but please let your friends and family know as well. Meanwhile, here's the link to Garofalo and company's virtual march on Washington. Please take time to sign up or call your senators and the white house today 02/26 anyway.

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